With our extensive knowledge and experience, we walk you through each page of your closing documents, explaining each, so you’re comfortable signing. This includes reviewing the ALTA and Closing Disclosure documents prepared by the Title and Lender. There is never pressure to rush you through a signing. If you have specific questions about the numbers, the signing is stopped while the lender or title processor is contacted to answers your questions to your satisfaction before closing continues.


Error-free signings achieved by our attention to detail and a final document review before departure. This helps ensure on-time closings while avoiding the need to inconvenience you by returning for more signatures.


Quick turnaround. You are contacted and appointment time and location confirmed within minutes of receiving an order. When partnering with a Title company, we have their back and do everything possible to ensure closings are done on time, completed accurately and FedExed back to Title that same day.


Our 5-Star Google reviews are indicative of the Exceptional Signing Experiences we strive to achieve at every signing!


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